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Complex space switching Tutorial

Ever came across the situation of needing a space to work one way and in the next moment exactly the opposite way? Was your conclusion a 2nd control to avoid cycles in Maya? (Scroll to short answer) Long answer Imagine the situation of having a weapon in the rig for instance – some animators might just want the hands to follow the rifle, makes sense, right? But some animations using the same rig are made for a pistol instead – it’s understandable that your animators might want to animate the right arm instead of the weapon control. You come up with a smart way of making the left hand having a right hand space and a world space to accommodate for this. Then out of nowhere the direction says that you’ll need to support a left handed weapon animation. It gets more and more complicated and it can be very […]

Best way of avoiding cycles in space switching

Hi guys, In a few days I am going to post my way of doing space switching perfectly avoiding cycles. I will show how to create spaces where you can for instance have the left hand follow the right hand and the other way around – in one rig and with logic node networks only. Check back this week for an in depth tutorial how to do that. You’ll love it and it’s not even difficult. Please follow and like: